Mike Aquilina

The Fathers for Pennies

Tuesday October 03rd 2006, 3:09 am

Liturgical Press has drastically reduced the prices of some good patristic titles.

Enrico Mazza’s Mystagogy: A Theology of Liturgy in the Patristic Age is now $3.63 (down from $14.50).

Joseph T. Lienhard’s anthology on holy orders in the patristic era, Ministry, is now $2.99 (down from $11.95).

Thomas Halton’s anthology of patristic texts on The Church is now $3.74 (don’t know the original price).

Kilian McDonnell’s Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan: The Trinitarian and Cosmic Order of Salvation is now $6.24 (down from $24.95).