Mike Aquilina

A Coptic Renaissance

Friday December 15th 2006, 3:04 am

Egypt’s Al Ahram reports on a revival of Coptic monasticism — and the resulting benefits for patristic studies.

The Coptic monastery known as Deir Al-Surian, or the Monastery of the Syrians, contains more than 3,000 books as well as a vast number of texts in Syriac, Aramaic (the language of Christ), Coptic, Arabic and Ethiopic. They date upwards from the fifth century and today, as a result of the revival in Coptic monasticism in recent years, a new generation of educated monks are anxious to safeguard this heritage. Both Syrian and Coptic monks are engaged in their conservation, as well as restoration of the monastery itself…

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UPDATE: Amy has more news on Copts, these ones Catholic.