Mike Aquilina

Unearthing Jerusalem

Tuesday January 16th 2007, 3:01 am

Big sixth-century find in Jerusalem, says Israel National News:

The most extensive remains are those of a Roman-Byzantine colonnaded street — the Eastern Cardo. Included in that area is a covered stoa, a row of shops and several artifacts.

The street appears on a 6th century map known as the Medaba Map and is known as the Eastern Cardo or the Valley Cardo. The lavish colonnaded street began at the Damascus Gate in the north and led south, running the length of the channel in the Tyropoeon Valley. Sections of this street were revealed in the past in the northern part of the Old City, at a depth of about four meters (12 feet) below the pavement. The full eleven-meter (33 foot) width of the original road was exposed in the present excavation for the first time.

There’s more detail in The Jerusalem Post, too.