Mike Aquilina

Personal Patristics

Saturday January 05th 2008, 3:02 am

For the Love of Literature is a book about reading by my dear friend and homeschooling guru Maureen Wittmann. It’s a book for book-lovers, full of lists that provide pathways for curiosity through many fields of study, many lands, many periods of history. I love the fact that it includes the generally accepted Great Books, but also the fiercely loved Cool Books — dime novels, potboilers, and such. I’m grateful for the fact that such a lovely volume begins with a foreword by Yours Truly. In it I talk about my grandfather, my father, myself, and how the love of books passed through our generations.

And, yes, the book includes reading lists on early Christianity. And, yes, they include both Great Books and Cool Books — not to mention my books!