Mike Aquilina

First Review!

Friday August 01st 2008, 9:48 pm

“Mike Aquilina’s Signs and Mysteries provides a popular yet academically rigorous guide to symbols in the early church. The immediately accessible prose — which quotes thoughtfully from the church fathers, classical and Jewish sources — is complemented by generous illustrations. He has not only drawn on the obvious archaeological and epigraphic record, he has also delved into the fascinating world of Christian graffiti. An essential book to keep to hand when visiting early Christian sites.”
— Adrian Murdoch
Fellow, British Royal Historical Society
Author, The Last Pagan, Rome’s Greatest Defeat, and The Last Roman

The “generous illustrations,” numbering in the hundreds, are by the great Lea Marie Ravotti. The book is out any day now. Order yours today!

Signs and Mysteries: Revealing Ancient Christian Symbols