Mike Aquilina

Anybody Going to This?

Monday March 16th 2009, 7:00 pm

There’s a big patristics deal going on at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh next week. It’s actually a colloquium on the reception history of the Bible, and it takes place March 27, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It’s free and open to the public. How’s this for a lineup?



“The Church Fathers and New Testament Exegesis” — Dr. Dale C. Allison (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)

“Christ, the Church, and the Shape of Scripture: What We Can Learn from Patristic Exegesis” — Fr. Brian E. Daley, S.J. (University of Notre Dame)


“Blessed is the Glory of God from His Place”: Notes on the Jewish and Christian Reception History of Ezek 3:12 — Fr. Alexander Golitzin (Marquette University)

“Scandal and Expectation: The Function of the Allegory/Typology Distinction in Contemporary Scholarship” — Dr. Peter Martens (Yale University)

“The Reproduction of Gen 1:26-27 in Y. Berakhot 12d and Early Syriac Sources” — Dr. Silviu Bunta (University of Dayton)

“Inspired Word and Spiritual Worship: How Byzantine Hymnography Interprets Sacred Scripture” — Fr. John Custer (Byzantine Catholic Seminary of Ss. Cyril and Methodius)

“Ancient Interpretation of John 8” — Dr. Susan Hylen (Vanderbilt University)

“Reception History within the Canon Itself: A Case Study on Leviticus 25 and the Year of the Jubilee” — Dr. John Bergsma (Franciscan University of Steubenville)


“My Journey with Mark” — Fr. Sean P. Kealy, C.S.Sp. (Duquesne University)

I’m hoping to be there — if the work gets done between now and then. Let me know if you’re planning to go.