Mike Aquilina

Quite the Quarry

Monday May 14th 2012, 11:15 am

Archeologists may have found the site of a sixth-century miracle recorded by Procopius in his account of The Buildings of Justinian. The story broke in Haaretz, but is told more fully at Patheos. Out of the stone at the miraculous quarry Justinian built a church to the Blessed Virgin Mary — twice the size of Jerusalem’s Temple.

Mothers’ Day

Saturday May 12th 2012, 3:34 pm

My book Mothers of the Church: The Witness of Early Christian Women, co-authored with my friend Christopher Bailey, has been getting some great press. Here are the two most recent notices.

Brian Caulfield interviewed me for the Knights of Columbus’s Fathers for Good site. He led off with the rather provocative question: “You did a book on the Fathers of the Church, and now on Mothers. Is there real substance to the lives of early Christian women?” He got my Irish up. It turned into a great conversation.

Kathleen Manning reviewed the book in the pages of U.S. Catholic magazine.

I’ve also been doing a lot of radio on this topic. Nothing I’ve done has drawn so many callers. When you think about the great women of the early Church — Thecla, Perpetua, Agnes, Macrina, Marcella, Paula, Eustochium, Monica, Olympias — it’s easy to see why.

All you holy women, pray for us.